Power Chord Part 1: Basic Concept of Power Chord

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เจตนิพิฐ สังข์วิจิตร, ผศ.


This article focused on a basic concept of power chord that lead to an electric guitar. It also presents the pattern of Power Chord the structure of Power Chord consists of two main notes which are root and fifth. Sometime, a musician repeating a note root and fifth ( an octave) to create more dimension of a chord. Moreover, adding second or ninth also help to expand more dimension of a Power Chord as
well. Power chord has been played as a major role to perform and compose a rock music for a long time. Which, help rock music to expand itself into many styles and power chord still has a lot of popularity until now.


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เจตนิพิฐ สังข์วิจิตร, ผศ., Conservatory of Music, Rangsit University

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