Need Assessment in Environment Management for Students’ Learning Development of Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon

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ทรงสิริ วิชิรานนท์ อรุณี อรุณเรือง นิตินันท์ ศรีสุวรรณ สุนันทา ชูตินันท์


The purposes of this research were to study, to rank the needs and find solutions of RMUTP environment management on undergraduate students’learning development of RMUTP environment management on undergraduate students’learning development. This study is a survey research and the samples were 385 students. The research tool was questionnaire. The data were analyzed through percentage (%), mean (gif.latex?\bar{x} ), standard deviation (S.D.), t-test, modified priority needs index: PNI modified. The  results demonstrated that : (1) The overall mean scores of the reality and expectation of RMUTP environment on students’learning are statistically different at 0.01.(2) The physical environment needs for supporting students’ quality of life was ranked the first. The second was university facilities to enhance their learning and the third was help and information service. The curriculum management was ranked the fourth. The last one was instructors.


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