Administration by the Uses of Modern Technology and Social Network for People Services of the Police Hospital

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The main objectives of this study were to study 1) problems of administration, 2) the improvement guidelines, and 3) comparing some sample groups' comments to the overview of the administration improvement guidelines by the uses of modern technology and social network for   people services of the Police Hospital.

This study was a survey research using questionnaires which passed through quality including validity check and reliability check at 0.89 level. Total samples of 625 were patients receiving all outpatient services, calculated by Taro Yamane’s formula at the confidence level 94%. The 458 sets of questionnaire were collected, equal to 73.28 % of the total samples. Statistics used in this study were percentage, mean, standard deviation and t-test.

 The study results showed that 1) the main problem was the Police Hospital operating by bringing modern technology and social network for people services is lack of an endeavor and care for the people; 2) the main improvement guidelines is the top executives of the police hospital should create knowledge, understanding, and be a good role model, serving people with honestly, endeavor and empathy. Meanwhile Police Hospital should set policies and plans which are clear and continuous to use modern technology, training, and develop all staffs to be ready for effective communication by using modern and universal hardware/software technology and social network for people services; 3) males and females, undergraduate and bachelor's degree or higher have no different opinions on the overall management improvement approach.


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