Participatory Curriculum Administration on Creative Environment Integration of Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna

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Pornhathai Tanjitanont


The purposes of this research were to study the approaches for the participatory curriculum administration creatively integrating the environment used by Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL) and to evaluate the desired objectives of the curriculum, namely the creative thinking skill aspect in students. The target group selected by purposive sampling technique was 180 representatives of RMUTL faculty curriculum boards, administrators, instructors and entrepreneurs in the Chiang Mai community. The research instruments included questionnaires and behavioral observation checklists. The collected data were analyzed by using descriptive methodology and by calculating percentage, mean, and standard deviation. As a result of the study, there are seven steps developed in the administration of the curriculum that creatively integrated the environment. In this case, the participation of the target group in the administration of environment-integrated curriculum was at a high level while the students’ participation was at a moderate level. The students’ desired characteristics in regards to the curriculum’s objectives of creative thinking skills was at a high level.


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