The Dynamic Competitive Advantage and Business Success of Food Processing Industry in Thailand

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กรธวัฒน์ สกลคฤหเดช


Thailand's food processing industry is a important driving force in the economy of the nation. Their attractiveness of the industry dynamically generated employment and the intensity of competition at the same violence that increased its competitive advantage in the industry, it's important to bring the success and survival of a business. Earlier this competitive advantage has been studied and discussed widely both a cost advantage and the advantage of making a difference products and services. Currently, there are more studies on the part of the competitive advantage that is consistent with the competitive situation that is highly dynamic. In this study was to review the literature that relevance to the dynamics competitive advantage in the food processing industry in Thailand. Therefore, this article is useful for entrepreneurs, executives in food processing industry as well as for the scholars who are interested in this line of research.


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