Romphruek Journal, produced by Krirk University is an academic journal supporting the dissemination of knowledge in humanitie and social sciences  . Our particular areas of interest are Management, Social Sciences, Law and Liberal Arts. The journal has been published and distributed more than three decades. It's highlights are the specific content related to changable factors affecting the quality of life and Thai society.  Through the quality research, new broader social development is intened to be applied to evolve the academic community . In addition, the importance of expanding original knowledge gained from professors, researchers, academics and students are recognized in order to induce Thai scociety towards Knowledge Based Society.

Vol 37 No 2 (2019): May - August 2019

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Published: 2019-08-28

The Syntactic Analysis and Comparison of Comparative Sentences Using Prepositions “bi” in Chinese and “Kwa” in Thai

ตรีศูล เกษร, ศุภกร ทาพิมพ์, อนงครัตน์ บังศรี


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