The study of Factors affecting to Blood SugarControl in Elderly with Diabetes Mellitus in a Home Care for Quality Use of Medicine at Home in Somdet District, Kalasin Province

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Chananooch Manadee


This qualitative study aimed to investigate for the contributing factors which affected blood sugar control in the elderly with diabetes mellitus in a home care for quality use of medicine at home. Study samples were 50 elderly patients whom were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Somdet hospital and were in home care project. The qualitative data was collected by using patient data record form and interviewing the elderly with the open-ended questions for problems and contributing factors of blood sugar control. The patient’s behaviors were observed every home care visit for 6 months. Qualitative data was analyzed by content analysis and quantitative data was analyzed by descriptive statistics. Study results showed that problems that caused uncontrollable control blood sugar in the elderly were dietary control behavior, medication use behavior, mood balance control and health care service accessibility. The contributing factors affecting blood sugar control were family support, social support, satisfaction on health team service, patient understanding and perception on disease. In conclusion, problems and contributing factors in the elderly patients with diabetes were different in each person. These problems can be solved and the contributing factors should be promoted for blood sugar control into the controllable level.


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