Oxyresveratrol Content and Tyrosinase InhibitoryActivity of ArtocarpuslakoochaHeartwood Extract

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Pornpun Laovachirasuwan


ArtocarpuslakoochaRoxb.isa plant inMoraceae family. The major compound of A. lakoochaisoxyresveratrol which is enzyme tyrosinase inhibitor in the melanin synthesis. The aims of this study were to investigate the oxyresveratrol content andtyrosinase inhibitory activity of A. lakoochaheartwoodextract.A.lakoochaheartwood was extracted by soxhletextraction apparatus with 95% ethanol. The oxyresveratrol content of the extract was determined by thin layer chromatography densitometry (TLC densitometry). The tyrosinase inhibitoryactivity of A. lakoocha heartwood extract was investigated by Dopachrome method.The results showed that the oxyresveratrol content was 0.31±0.05% of crude extract. The IC50of A. lakoocha heartwoodextractwas 4.63±1.02mg/ml.This data will be used for the development and application of A. lakoocha in cosmeceutical industry.


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