The Development of Health Care Model for Diabetes Mellitus Type2 in Primary Health Care Unite, MuangSisaket Municipality, Sisaket Province.

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Diabetes mellitus was major public health that effects the quality of life. Development of health care system was necessary. The Action research was conducted to develop health care model for diabetes mellitus type -2 in primary health care, MuangSisaket municipality, Sisaket. The research consisted of both quantitative method and qualitative method using descriptive statistics for quantitative data content analysis for qualitative data. The participant employed 22 stakeholders and 34 diabetes mellitus patients. The procedures of research were 4 phases as 1) the planning phase 2) the action phase 3) observation phase and 4) reflection phase.

The  finding revealed that the guidelinesof health care model for diabetes mellitus type -2 derived from the participation of committee, development of public health volunteers, self-carebehaviors of diabetes mellitus patients andvisiting diabetics homes.The results of the development were as follows theparticipation ofthe committeein medium level theaverage score of knowledge increased statisticalsignificance = 9.62  (S.D.= 0.81),(p-value < 0.001) average score of self-care behavior increased statisticallysignificance = 0.40 (S.D. = 0.80),(p-value < 0.001)average score of social support increased statisticallysignificance = 0.91(S.D. =0.08),(p-value < 0.001) and the controlling of hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C<7.0) increasedcompared to before the developmentstatisticalsignificance(p-value=0.031)

The suggestion of this research to change the health behavior of diabetics and long term evaluation. 


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