Model Development of Tambon Health Promoting Hospital by Using the Quality Criterion of Primary Care Award, Dongluang Dristrict, Mukdahan Province

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Natthawut wangkaha


Tambon Health Promoting Hospital (THPH) should be developed quality service as the Primary Care Award (PCA) standard. The good primary care network can bring the good health service for the people who will be accepted and satisfied. This action research aimed to study the development of THPH in Dongluang district, Mukdahan province, using the PCA criteria. Qualitative and quantitative data were collected during 3 studyphrases. The quality cyclewas employed to develop the model. Results of situation analysis revealed that the personnel of THPHs had middle level of knowledge on standard and concept of PCA( EMBED Equation.3 =24.2), and had low level of participation (EMBED Equation.3 =2.14). There were no any THPH from total 9 THPHs could pass the third level of PCA standard. As the results, the process of human resource development to improve the THPHs had conducted through planning, doing, checking, and acting steps. Consequently, the overall operation had performed the DONGLUANG Model that was suitable to developTHPHs.The level of knowledge were increased( EMBED Equation.3 =31.8) and the participation was improved also (EMBED Equation.3 =4.14). In addition, seven THPHs passed the third level criteria of PCA (77.77 %). It is proposed to continue applyingthe DONGLUANG Model to develop all THPHs in Dongluang district for sustainable quality services.


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