Development of a hypokalemia-drug alert system in Phanomphrai Hospital, Roi-Et province

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Suppachat Sommart


In September 2013, Phanompai Hospital developed and implemented a system to prevent patients with hypokalemia from receiving drugs which would reduce potassium level. This study aims to determine effects of the system in detecting and solving the problems in hypokalemia patients during 1 February – 31 July 2014 and to measure satisfaction and recommendations to improve the system from health professionals. Of 322 patients, 52 (16.5%) patients were detected and reported for hypokalemia. Forty two patients were prescribed with anti-diuretic drugs (doctors automatically stopped medications in 4 patients and pharmacists consulted with doctors in 38 patients). Of 38 patients, most had kidney disease, infection and alcohol withdrawal syndrome. After consultation, 33 patients were stopped using problematic medications and 5 patients continued the medications with monitoring for a week. Potassium levels were statistically increased after stopped using the medications (p<0.001). Thirteen doctors, pharmacists and nurses were satisfied with the system in particular prompt alert to prevent the problems and facilitate communication between professionals. The system should be further developed to cover other drug-related problems.


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