Perceived Health and Cholangiocarcinoma Risk Behaviors in people 20-40 Years, Chiang Khruea Sub-district, MueangSakonNakhon District, SakonNakhon Province.

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Nitikorn Phoosuwan


The purpose of this study was to study perceived health factors and Cholangiocarcinoma risk behaviors in people 20-40 years in Chiang Khrueasubdistrict, MueangSakonNakhon, SakonNakhon Province, Thailand.  There were 290 samples collected data by questionnaire and analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics at 95% statistically significant. The results showed that sex, monthly income, smoking, alcohol drinking, overall health belief score and perceived severity of Cholangiocarcinoma were associated to Cholangiocarcinoma risk behaviors. The results suggests that public health agencies in local area should promote population behaviors for perceived susceptibility and perceived severity of Cholangiocarcinoma, especially food consumption behaviors for freshwater fish cooking. 


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