The Health Status and activity level of daily living in The Elderly over 85 years Nonghin district Loei Province.

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Yodluck Sailingka


This research aims to study health status and activity level of daily living in the Elderly over 85 yearsin Nonghindistrict loei province.  Data collected by interviewing questionnaire in term of cross sectional from August to September 2014. Data analyzed by descriptive statisticin term of percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results revealed that the elderly were mainly 57.1% male. The average age 91.07 years (SD.=3.46)  The average BMI 20.42. (SD.=2.87).The family relationship were good level all of sampling, living in good environment 61.9 %, home visit by public health officer 92.2 % in term of health promotion. The health status as measured by Barthel ADL Index showed that elderly can help themselves 61.9 % and cannot help themselves 2.4%.The public health services for the elderly should be focus on promotedin term of home visit and home health care especially in the elderly who cannot help themselves.


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