Self-care ofelderly patientswithdiabetes mellitus in TambonKutsaijorhealth promoting hospital,Kantharawichaidistrict,MahaSarakham province

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Vorapoj Promasatayaprot


This descriptive researchaimed tostudyabout self-careofelderly patients with diabetes mellitus as partof health networkpartnershipwith Tambonhealth promoting hospitalin Kutsaijor sub-district, Kantharawichaidistrict,MahaSarakham province.The participants were 52 elderly patientswith diabetes mellitus and data were collected by interviews.The results revealed that most of participantswere females,and had their average age 67.25years. In addition, they lived withtheir spouses andtheir children, were farmers, and had education in elementarylevel. The average years of havingdiabetesmellitus of them were 9.6with mainly used tabletsfor disease treatment. Self-care of the elderly with diabetes mellitus was totally good(Mean= 2.39, SD= 0.15). The highest scores of self-care were the use of medication and follow up for treatment domains(Mean = 2.73, SD = 0.27), followed by sleeping and rest domain(Mean = 2.68, SD = 0.37)and exercise domain which was the lowest score(Mean = 1.83, SD = 0.30).There were not relationship betweenself-careofdiabetesmellitus in elderlypatients and their demographic characteristics which were gender,age, residence,occupation,income,education,duration of illness,and medication. Thehealthcare promotion for elderly people with diabetes mellitus should be suggested in terms of the provision of, appropriate physical activitiesand group activities. These activities, therefore, may lead them to improve their quality of life.


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