Application of Knowledge and Skills from the Public Health Practitioner (PHP) Training ProgramtoImplementing for Health Framework in the 21th Century

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Vorapoj Promasatayaprot


This descriptive study aimed to reveal the implementation of knowledge and skills from the Public Health Practitioner (PHP) training program for applying to health framework in the 21th century. Study samples consisted of 38 trainees. Data were collected via a questionnaire and analyzed by descriptive statistics of frequency, percentage, average and standard deviation. The results showed most participants were men, age average 39.53 years, completed bachelor degree, public health technical officer professionalleveland work at sub-district health promoting hospital. The samples were able to apply knowledge and skills for practicing in the high level all 6 domains. The spiritual domain had the highest scores. The competence of the public health practitioners before training were at the moderate level (Mean 3.25, SD 0.59), and had improved to the highest level after completed program (Mean 4.05, SD 0.57). Therefore, the learning activities had been conducted successfully through the objective program. This training program should be performed continuously and expanded cover Thailand for improving health performance in primary care level. The implementation of training knowledge will utilize for people in community eventually.


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