Test Case Based Selection for the Process of Software Maintenance

  • Adtha Lawanna Assumption University, Bangkok
Keywords: software development life cycle, software maintenance, regression testing


Software maintenance is the special process in the software-development life cycle. Particularly, the programmers have tried to reduce the size of testing and maintaining new software while fixing bugs is also realized. The large amounts of tests may cause time consuming, especially execution and operation. In response to this, many specialists propose the techniques for test case selection such as random selection and safe selection relying on the concept of regression testing. However, the ability of the new software is still required to be improved. Therefore, the test case based control-path is preferred to increase the performance of the program by creating and selecting the least test case as well as the faultless rate is preserved.

Author Biography

Adtha Lawanna, Assumption University, Bangkok
faculty of science and technology, department of IT
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