A Study of Adsorption of an Organic Colouring Matter on Powdered Natural Plant Material

  • Kiran V. Mehta Department of Chemistry, R. R. Mehta College of Science and C. L. Parikh College of Commerce, PALANPUR-385001, Dist.-Banaskantha, State-Gujarat(India)
Keywords: Adsorption, Environmental Pollution, Isotherms, Organic Colouring Matter, Removal


The present paper describes the study of the removal of organic matter (Astrazon Brilliant Red 4G) (ABR) from the solution by the adsorbent prepared from wheat straw. To measure the efficiency of adsorption, different parameters like effect of pH, effect of initial dye concentration and effect of adsorbent amount with respect to time were studied. Spectrophotometric technique was used for the measurement of amount of dyes before and after adsorption process. The Langmuir adsorption isotherm model and Freundlich adsorption model were studied for this adsorption. The study reveals that wheat straw powder (WSP) can be used as an efficient adsorbent for the removal of ABR.

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