English language learning motivation of Thai undergraduate students in the globalized era

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Daranee Choomthong Chudapak Chaichompoo


This study addresses the types and levels of English language learning motivation (integrative or instrumental) of Thai undergraduate students in a university in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The participants were 1475 first-year students, enrolling Foundation English course II during the second semester of the academic year 2013. The data collection instruments used in this study were a questionnaire, using a six-point Likert scale, which was adapted from Gardner’s Attitude/ Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) (2004)
and a semi-structured interview. The results indicated that the students’ integrative and instrumental motivation was high. Their instrumental motivation was found slightly higher than their integrative motivation. Interestingly, it was found that English major students had significantly higher level of integrative motivation than non-English major students. However, the findings revealed that English major students are slightly more
instrumentally motivated than integratively motivated. Some pedagogical implications, course design and how globalization comes into play are discussed with their recommendations.


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