Preparation of Learners toward ASEAN Community under Chiang Mai Primary Education Service Area Office 3

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The purposes of this research were to investigate the problems and together suggested actions for preparing the learners toward ASEAN Community under  Chiang Mai  Primary Education  Service  Area  Office 3. The target groups for answering the research questionnaire were school administrators and heads of academic affairs from all schools under Chiang Mai  Primary Education  Service  Area  Office 3  in 2015 Academic year, totally 155 schools and 310 respondents. Data was analyzed by using frequency, percentages, means and standard deviations.

             The results showed that preparation of learners toward ASEAN Community under Chiang Mai  Primary Education  Service Area Office 3 was at the high level for the overall. When considering in each aspect, the highest readiness was the attitude and followed by the preparation of learning skills/processes and  the students’ knowledge, respectively.

             Challenges for operation were budget was not enough; students were not well prepared in English; and learners were also lack of awareness toward ASEAN Community as well.

                Recommendations for operation with the highest frequency in each aspect were proper and sufficient budget allocation, strong encouragement of ability in English communication, and increase in students' awareness toward ASEAN Community.



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