The Lesson of Organizational Culture on Good Governance of Non-profit Organization: A Case Study of Public Sector Organization in Chiang Rai Province

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The aims of this research were: 1) to investigate the characteristics of organization culture, the relationship among different types of organization culture, factors favoring operation and good governance of non-profit organization in Chiang Rai province in regard to success and unsuccessful organizations; and 2) to develop the guidelines promoting implementation of good governance principles. The data was collected from two successful organizations and two unsuccessful organizations. The research instruments were interview, questionnaire, and focus group discussion with chair or head of the organization, committee, members, and representatives from government agencies. The data was analyzed by frequency, percentage, and correlation coefficient. The findings were showed as follows.

  1. The key characteristics of successful organization were that they received support and mentorship from organization located in the area by undertaking the tasks together with members and leaders in the community. There were leaders from various social groups such as civilian, sub-district local administrative organization, and retired government officials holding influential roles in the community. Also, leaders of organization understood principles underlying vision and good governance in operation the organization.

  2. The key characteristics of unsuccessful organization were that the key leaders held different opinion imbalance welfare management, and lack of motivation on ideology and organization principles.

  3. Lessons learned from the successful and unsuccessful operation of non-profit organization in Chiang Rai Province were resulted in various factors such as organization leaders, members, organizational management skills, related agencies, and co-operation mechanisms which were coherently united for the operation of organization in the same direction.

The relationship between organization culture and factors promoting the operation and good governance of successful non-profit organization indicated that the factors promoting the operation showed relatively high level of positive relationship with organization culture  at the significance level of .01 (r = .90). Also, good governance showed high level of positive relationship with factors promoting the operation at the significance level of .01 (r = .83). Likewise, good governance showed high positive relationship with organization culture at the significance level of .01
 (r = .82). The relationship between organization culture and factors promoting the operation and good governance of unsuccessful organization indicated that good governance showed relatively low positive relationship with organization culture and factors promoting the operation (r = .17). The factors promoting the operation also showed low positive relationship with good governance with no statistical significance (r = .42).

The guidelines promoting the implementation of good governance in operation of organization were cultivation of organizational culture in all members; creation of organization leaders with good governance principles for heritage and operation of organization’s activities by involvement of community participation and also seeking for cooperation with the related agencies so that these interdependent networking mechanisms could work together effectively.




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