Chinese Economic and Rural Reforms in 1980s

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This article aimed to analyze the Chinese rural economic reforms in 1980’s because they were an important foundation of the People’s Republic of China becoming an economic superpower. The rural economic reforms were implemented in three areas: the production system and institutional reform, the price systems reform, and the market and planning reform. Furthermore, there was also a reform of the township and village enterprises (TVEs) which emphasized reforms on the economic organizations and investment fund in the countryside. There were two conceptual frameworks for a reform implementation, such as that the TVEs should be a collaborative investment between the villagers and the local government organizations to create an opportunity for villagers to have entrepreneurial experiences and their potential development.  More important, the objective of the Chinese rural economic reform was creating the rural entrepreneurs to advocate the changing environment and economic growth in the area of globalization. For the moment, the township and village enterprises were very important sectors of the Chinese economy.



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