A Discourse Analysis of Hip Hop Song: Case Study of Marshall Bruce Mathers III’s Songs

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The objective of this research was to examine the types of figurative language which are found in lyrics of Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem)’s songs. Data analysis: this research applied linguistic theories to analyze and sort out figurative language in lyrics of Eminem’s songs that were systematically analyzed by percentage. All figurative languages were compared. The analyzed data was categorized into groups and then described in narrative style, summarized and reported. The findings of the study were as follows.

Stat 6 types of figurative language were totally found with 1073 items. The highest figurative language found was slang (506) 47.2%. Simile was found (226) with 21.1%. Hyperbole and Irony were found (127) 11.8% and (121) 11.3% respectively.

The findings of this study would help readers as a guideline in analyzing other language study in linguistics. People interested in this field could use this study as a key to unlock the door to studying song and culture.  The readers could interpret the figurative languages and apply their results for reading novels or song lyric. The important findings, it should be used for further study in this field. At the same time, this study provided insight into culture, ideas of the author’s thinking, and new experiences for readers considering when analyzing songs.



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