Scientific note: Similarities between Survival Analysis using Kaplan-Meier and ANOVA

  • Hossam F. Abou-Shaara
Keywords: ANOVA, Kaplan-Meier, Mantel-Cox, Post Hoc, survival


Survival experiments are essential for researches in various biological fields. Survival analysis can be done using Kaplan-Meier. This test is not well known than ANOVA. It is hypothesized that ANOVA can give similar results to Kaplan-Meier. In this study, three survival experiments using different number of treatments or cases were analyzed to compare ANOVA and Kaplan-Meier. Similarities between Duncan after ANOVA and Kaplan-Meier with Mantel-Cox, Breslow, or Tarone-Ware were found. Also, percentages of survived individuals from Kaplan-Meier were similar to calculated cumulative mortality.


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