Trotskyism after CPT. in Thailand

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ธิกานต์ ศรีนารา


Since 1981 onwards, the CPT’s semi-feudalism theory with its focus on criticisms of Thai Feudalism” and “Capitalism” has been collapsing. Some Thai leftist intellectuals have tried to bring Trotskyism into Thai society. Trotskyism refers to the ideas of major theorists such as Leon Trotsky and the Marxist theorists of the following generation, later on known as Trotskyist such as Ernest Mandel and Isaac Deutscher, who tried to confirm and develop the Thotsky’s theory. Introducing Trotskyism into Thai society come in many forms; for example writing Trotsky’s biography, writing articles on theoretical basis, translation, theory application and citing the Trotskyism’s important books and articles to name a few. The introduction of Trotskyism into Thai society made The Thai left-wing intellectuals pay less attention to the importance of criticism on “Thai feudalism” and turn their interests to criticisms on Stalinism and Mao Zedong that comes simultaneously with criticisms on “Capitalism.” At the same time, they suggested that both the internal and international socialist movements facing the crisis should support the permanent revolution theory of Trotskyism”. However, Trotskyism itself was attracted by the Thai leftist intellectuals during a short period of time just before its collapse in the late 1970s that happened along with other Marxist ideas triedby Thai leftist intellectuals who brought this concept to Thai society after the collapse of the CPT.


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