From Nostalgia to Anger Symptomatic Reading Social in Thai Films after Tom Yum Kung Crisis (1997-2003)

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อิทธิเดช พระเพ็ชร


This paper investigates “Symptomatic Reading” of Thai society after Tom Yum Kung crisis or Thai financial crisis in 1997, through the analysis of Thai films from 1997 to 2003. The result offers an insight suggesting two common feelings: nostalgia and anger. Nostalgia which is a form of escaping from painful current situation to the past explained the development of nationalism via the fighting against invader in group of characters. Also, this turns out to trigger anger. What those films depict as a pain relief could be recognized in the form of using brutal force to destroy ‘the otherness’ like Ghost, Burmese and European ghost among others. In summary, Thai films during that period were one of the tools applied to handle Thais’ disappointment and suffering from the said economic crisis.


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