Inter Tester Reliability and Validity of the Three Times Stand and Walk Test for in Healthy Students

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Puttipong Poncumhak Maitip Sittitan Arunrat Srithawong Kandaporn Charoenruang Jularut Romjit Sunisa Mongkondee Kwanruthai Inkham Thitaporn Paosrichai Tidarat Saikhiao


Using of physical functional test for indicating the physical decline and risk of fall is the one of useful and compatible methods to examine community-dwelling elders. Therefore, the objective of this study was to develop and evaluate the psychometric properties of a new functional test, the three times sit and walk test (TTSW), in 30 healthy students from University of Phayao. Subjects were examined the basic demographics and performed TTSW, timed up and go test (TUGT), and five times sit to stand test (FTSST). The inter tester reliability and the concurrent validity were analyzed. The results obtained from this study indicated that TTSW has excellent reliability (ICCs = 0.991; 95%CI=0.984-0.996) and good correlation with standard test, including FTSST and TUGT (0.648; p < 0.001, 0.673; p < 0.100, respectively). This study suggested that the TTSW has validity and reliability for examine the physical ability in healthy subjects.



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Poncumhak P, Sittitan M, Srithawong A, Charoenruang K, Romjit J, Mongkondee S, Inkham K, Paosrichai T, Saikhiao T. Inter Tester Reliability and Validity of the Three Times Stand and Walk Test for in Healthy Students. Thai Journal of Physical Therapy [Internet]. 16Aug.2015 [cited 25Sep.2018];37(2):91-9. Available from:
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