How to Dry Wet Books

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Wet books are one of the damages which cause by users use books without care or unexpected condition such as floods, fires etc. In this case water is a major hazard to the survival of books. It can dissolve glues, deform paper, wrap bindings, make ink run, cause coated papers to fuse together and make a high opportunity for mold developing. It is important to remember that if the books are too wet, mold may grow. Before beginning drying procedures, the books should be placed in a space that is cool, dry and clean as possible, and with good air circulation. The decision making to dry wet books is based on: books replacing, value of it and the difficulty/ease of recovery. The main objective in the air drying of wet books is to remove water as efficiently as possible. It is very important to ensure your safety and to save books too. So this article presents general tips for working: prioritize.


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