Thai Library in Digital Era of Thailand 4.0

  • Nopparat Panorpattanachai Information Scientist, Human Rights Information Center, Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand
  • Narumol Ruenwai Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research
Keywords: Thailand 4.0, Thai Library, Library Development, Digital Literacy, Pitching


A Workshop on Thai Library in Digital Era of Thailand 4.0 was held by Thai Special Libraries Group (TSLG) with an aim of providing knowledge and raising awareness in the development trends of libraries in all sectors of Thailand which should connect to the Thai Government policy in Thailand 4.0. The Workshop was divided into 4 sessions: (1) A lecture on Digital Anywhere, Anytime – Libraries must undergo digital transformation period, a situation where each library has to find its own characteristic that also leads to future strategic planning and aligns with Thailand 4.0 and Education 4.0 (2) A forum on Innovation and Novel Technologies of Digital Library – It can be concluded that innovation and novel technologies should be developed for process improvement of library service, space management for creation and innovation. Digital technology could be a tool for easy access, introducing users to new experiences and values so that the new value that users obtain could lead to continual satisfactions and loyalty. (3) A lecture on Digital Literacy – This term can be defined as ability and competence in using digital technology as a communication tool among networks in order to identify and evaluate information sources, create new information and use of information in various formats. In doing this, both information providers and users must possess digital literacy skills. (5) A workshop on Pitching Your Library – Pitching in this context is defined as speech that aims to convince target listeners to believe what we are saying. For instance, librarians must perform the pitching to win budgets allocated by institution’s executives for the library development. However, this kind of persuasive speech must be based on facts and statistics to make it most reliable.


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