The Effect of Alcohol Cartoon on Increasing Alcohol Knowledge and Attitude among Primary School Students

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ดลนภา ไชยสมบัติ บัวบาน ยะนา สุทธินี นันทฤทธิ์ จันทนิภา แจ่มแจ้ง


     This quasi experiment research aimed to demonstrate the effect of the alcohol cartoon on increasing alcohol knowledge and attitude among grade 5 and 6th primary school students in Phayao province in order to prevent alcohol consumption in the future.  A quasi-experiment was implemented in two primary schools with 77 students voluntarily participating in the program (intervention, n=36; control, n=41). Assessment was conducted by self-administered questionnaire at baseline and exit point (4 weeks after baseline). Data were analyzed using descriptive statistic, dependent and independent t-test. The findings revealed that there was a positive effect of the alcohol cartoon on the increase of alcohol knowledge after implementing the program (p<.05) in intervention school as well as alcohol knowledge in intervention school was significant higher than control school (p<.05). Alcohol attitude increased after reading cartoon in intervention school; but there was no difference between intervention and control group. Research suggests this alcohol cartoon is appropriated in educating primary school students; however, the content of alcohol attitude in this cartoon should be developed as well as other alcohol attitude activities in school should be promoted in order to prevent alcohol consumption among school students.

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ไชยสมบัติด, ยะนาบ, นันทฤทธิ์ส, แจ่มแจ้งจ. The Effect of Alcohol Cartoon on Increasing Alcohol Knowledge and Attitude among Primary School Students. Nursing Journal of The Ministry of Public Health [Internet]. 31Dec.2018 [cited 16Oct.2019];28(3):76-. Available from:
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ดลนภา ไชยสมบัติ, Nurse instructor, Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Phayao



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