Effects of Frequency of Viewing Korean Film on Preference for Korea and Intention to Visit Korea


Walaiporn Rewtrakunphaiboon


          Korean film has been very popular in many Asian countries including Thailand. Past research indicated that film could enhance destination preference and increase intention to visit to the featured destinations. Those who were exposed to film would form positive attitudes towards destinations featured in film and would be likely to visit the destinations. To date, this notion has hardly been empirically tested on the differences between viewers and non-viewers. This study included a group of non-viewers of Korean film and two groups of viewers who had low and high frequency of viewing Korean film to study the effects of frequency of viewing Korean film. Data were collected at Suvarnabhumi Airport including 610 Thai tourists who were leaving for any possible countries. This study aimed to test whether the frequency of viewing Korean film increased the preference for Korea and intention to visit Korea. The results showed that the higher the frequency of viewing Korean film, the higher the preference for Korea and the intention to visit Korea.


Research Article
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Walaiporn Rewtrakunphaiboon

Bangkok University International College