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Last updated      7 August 2018

Thaksin University Journal Invites Proposals for the Forthcoming


Thaksin University Journal Invites Proposals for the Forthcoming

Thaksin University Journal invites researchers, scholars and authors to submit their original research articles and academic articles to publish in the volume 23, issue 1 (2020) to present research works and academic articles in the fields of multidisciplinary of sciences and technology of of researchers, staff, and students from Thaksin University and other organizations.


Publication Fee

The payment should be made via Siam Commercial Bank account.

Bank Name: Thaksin University Journal

Account No. 408-197495-9, Thaksin University (Phatthalung) Branch

Please send the payment slip to the Editor at


Membership Fee and Publication Fee

Personal Type: 200 Baht/ 10 US Dollar per year

Institution/Organization Type: 500 Baht/ 20 US Dollar per year


Reviewing Fee

2000 Baht/ 70 US Dollar per article



Vol 21 No 3 (2018): Special Issue 2018

Published: 2018-10-25


Prasong Kessaratikoon

Formulation of Pud Prik Flavoured Sauce for Instant Betong Noodle

Wipada Muninnopamas, Kamontip Kanpairo, Suteera Srisuk, Jeerawoot Muninnopamas, Abdulnaser Hayeesamoh


Optimization on Decreasing High Acid Value of Yeast Oil Pseudozyma parantarctica CHC28 for Microbial Biodiesel Production

Atsadawut Areesirisuk, Kanokporn Sukmark, Jatintorn Boonchuen, Sujaya Ritthisorn, Jantima Teeka


The Effect of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Growth of Sweet Chilli

Chewa Thassana, Nikom Phuengkum, Somyot Srikongrug, Jantanee Petpaiboon, Wilasinee Noenrimnong


Reduction of Total Ammonia Nitrogen by Caulerpa lentillifera and Gracilaria fisheri in Amphiprion ocellaris Cultivation

Teeyaporn Keawtawee, Supatchada Nauntongkaew, Orawan Kongsuwan, Yutthapong Sangnoi, Arnon Uppabullung


Catalytic Activity of Ni/SiO2 Supported on Partial Hydrogenation of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil

Jakkrapong Jitjamnong, Suhdee Niseng, Nonlapan Khantikulanon, Napaphat Samanwong


A Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles by Electrochemical Method

Ninna Jansoon, Supagorn Katathikarnkul, Suchane Prommuean


Surface Plasmon Resonance Refractometer Based on Smartphone Platforms

Sawanya Boonchuay, Supaluck Amloy, Pakorn Preechaburana


Development of a Transmission Raman Spectroscope for Chemical Analysis

Piyawat Kaewjaijong, Supaluck Amloy, Pakorn Preechaburana


Earthquake Trends in Thailand and Myanmar

Chote Nuangnun, Nikom Phuengkum, Somyot Srikongrug, Duangkamon Mameechai, Polrat Thongperm, Witoon Nuleg


A Study on Polarization of Light from Polarized Sunglasses Using Smartphones

Arthit Muadkongchan, Prasong Kessaratikoon, Suwit Khongpakdee


Development of Experimental Set on Color Light Mixing for High School Students

Sakmongkhol Yeemee, Suwit Khongpakdee, Prasong Kessaratikoon


A Prototype of Location-Based Garage Information Service Application Case Study: Phuket Province

Tanawit Panchalad, Maliwan Hamsalamad, Oraya Preechapanich, Suda Thernmontri


Registration Assistant Application using Local Search and Tabu List Technique

Thada Wangthammang, Seksun Suwanmanee, Touchai Angchuan, Sangsuree Vasupongayya


Pulse Wave Velocity Associated with Metabolic Syndrome Component in the Elderly: A Pilot Study

Ruchada Sri-amad, Piyapong Prasertsri, Porraporn Sriwannawit, Thapanee Roengrit


Effects of [6]-shogaol and demethyl-[6]-shogaol on Growth Inhibition and Apoptotic Induction in Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Nurdina Charong, Anan Athipornchai, Moltira Promkan, Kamonchanok Sengsod, Phongphisit Phrathart, Sutrak Changruea, Apichart Suksamrarn


Gait Speed Cut-Off Point as a Predictor of Fear of Falling in Older Adults

Jiraphat Nawarat, Murnee Daraman, Wanwisa Suttara, Julalak Jitsawang, Orapan Mee-Ngern


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