Sources of Stress and Stress Management Behavior of Middle-Age People in the Rural in Ubonratchathani Province

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Thanumporn Thonglong


           The purpose of this research was to study Stress Management Behaviors of middle-aged people in the
rural in Ubonratchathani province.This research was the qualitative research. The study was done in the rural of
Ubon ratchathani province. There were 40 key informants, consisted of people aged 40 - 59 years old who live
in the community more than 10 years, people with underlying and people who have known their lifestyle from
each community. The data were collected by survey, Non-Participant Observation and in depth interview. The
content analysis was used for data analysis. Results: Stress Management Behaviors which the stress was caused
by family problems, work problems and health problems, folks relieved their stress by taking, alcoholic beverage
and praying. Conclusion: Stress Management Behaviors depend on community context occupation and the
changing of social status


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