Application of Lean Concepts for Reducing Waiting Time: A Case of Outpatient Department at Phrapokklao Hospital Chanthaburi

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Sasinapa ying Boonpitak Kornpaphop Ratanavijit


This research entitled Application of Lean Concept reduce delay time of management system in the Out Patient Department (OPD). Thus, brought the minor issues to resolving issues and the improving processes are pharmacy case with investigation found average delay time of 80.82 minutes (40.37 %) and the case with no investigation found average delay time of 41.02 minutes (80.38 %). 5W 1H theory has been applied to analyze solution and use the principle of ECRS (Eliminate, Combine, Rearrarge and Simplify) to improve flowing process of new pharmacy. It found that the flowing process enabled to decrease the operational steps from 15 steps to 12 steps, so it reduced 3 steps, and there was also switching positions between Assistant Pharmacist, Pharmacist and Flexible Pharmacy, to increase flexibility and working suitability, including management and integration of tasks to make it easier. After the improvement in the case of investigation, the delay time was reduced for 29.45 minutes (21.23 %) and the case of non- investigation it was reduced for 30.10 minutes. (20.79 %).


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Sasinapa ying Boonpitak, Bachelor of Engineering Program in Logistics Engineering Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Logistics Engineering


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