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ประกาศ เรื่อง กระบวนการและขั้นตอนการลงตีพิมพ์บทความของวารสารมหาวิทยาลัยทักษิณ และวารสารปาริชาต


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Thaksin University Journal Invites Proposals for the Forthcoming


Thaksin University Journal Invites Proposals for the Forthcoming

Thaksin University Journal invites researchers, scholars and authors to submit their original research articles and academic articles to publish in the volume 23, issue 2 (2020) to present research works and academic articles in the fields of

                                     - Physics and Astronomy

                                     - Agricultural and Biological Sciences

                                     - Chemistry

                                     - Computer Science

                                     - Engineering

of researchers, staff, and students from Thaksin University and other organizations.


Publication Frequency

Published 3 time a year in January - April, May - August and September - December


Publication Fee

The payment should be made via Krungthai Bank account.

Bank Name: Thaksin University Journal

Account No. 678-4-59223-9, Tesco Lotus  - Taland Papayom Branch

Please send the payment slip to the Editor at

Contanct: 0-7460-9600#7250 or 7254, 08-1540-7304 

Reviewing Fee

2000 Baht/ 70 US Dollar per article



Vol 22 No 1 (2019): January - June 2019

Published: 2019-06-19


Asst. Prof. Dr. Prasong Kessaratikoon

Polyhydroxybutyrate and Its Application for Lipase Immobilization

นาริสา บินหะยีดิง, กนกพร สังขรักษ์


Satisfaction Test of Borneo Camphor Liquid Inhaler from Essential Oil of Amomum biflorum Jack

Thawatchai Srisuwan, Thaweeporn Keereekoch, Nichakarn Watchasit, Saruda Chomprang, Sanan Subhadhirasakul


Evaluation of Betel Leaf Extract Deodorizing Foot Spray

Natamon Dorkbuakaew, Somrutai Jitpukdeebodintra


Bio-Ethanol Production from Waste of Sago Starch by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Peeranart Kiddee, Pattranis Airsoe, Thaksaporn Leenoi, Monthon Lertworapreecha


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