Vegetarian Food Consumption Behaviors of Consumer in Muang District, Trang Province

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Tanyalak Tummajak Phattarawan Tantong


The purposes of study of Consumer Behaviors of Vegetarian  Foods in  Muang  District,  Trang  Province. The  objectives  of  this study are :  1) to study the vegetarian  food consumption behavior  of consumers  in  Muang District,  Trang  Province,  2) to study the relationship between  personal  behavioral factors of vegetarian  food consumers in that area.  3) To study the relationship between cultural with behavioral factors of vegetarian  food consumers in that  area.  The sample were selected by : using the non-probability sampling through convenience sampling. The research instrument as a primary tool of data collection is a questionnaire.  The samples  of  this  research  are   400   vegetarian  consumers living  in  Muang District,   Trang  Province. The statistical tools  used   for  data  analysis are frequency,percentage and processing statistical data analysis using Statistical Package for Social Sciences.  The statistics used for hypothesis test are Chi-Square at Significance level  of  0.05.

The  result  of  the  study  shows  that  the samples are  female  of age  between  20  and  34 years.  Most of them are single,Buddhism have finished the education in  Bachelor  Degree, and work  as Personal business, Business owner,merchant  and have average income bêtween  15,000 to 30,000 Bath/month.  The Most  of  the  Samples  prefer foods and tofu and mushrooms.  Their main objective  of eating vegetarian foods is getting healthy and strong.  The duration of consuming was in the afternoon (from 12.01 to 17.00)  The expense for consuming  is  averagely  1,000 to 2,000 baht/month. Person Who hand influent to consumer freshVegetarian  Foodsby themselves.The hypotheses  testing indicates that   1) there  is  a relationship between the personal  factor  including  gender, age, status, education, occupation and income which related to the consumption of vegetarian foods at 0.05  significance level.  However, there is no relationship between religions and  the  consumption behavior of   vegetarian   food   show  that   religion  did  not relationship with  vegetarian  food consumption  at the  0.05  significance level.  2) there  is  a relationship between the cultural   factor  including  pedigree and practice of tradition iconography , beliefs  and the  consumption  of vegetarian  foods  at  0.05  level of significance.


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Tanyalak Tummajak

Graduate Student , Master of Business Administration Program, School of Management, Walailak  University

Phattarawan Tantong

Ph.D. Business Administration, Assist.Prof. of Marketing and International Business, School of  Management,  Walailak University


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