Economic and Social Situation of Cooperative Members: A Case studiesed Maetho and Buak Tuei Agricultural Cooperatives, Royal Projects, in Chiang Mai Province

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พิมพ์ชนก สังข์แก้ว เบญจวรรณ จันทร์แก้ว นารินจง วงศ์อุต


The objectives of this research was to study background information of the cooperative members’ households, their Economic and social contexts, and problems and obstacles they were facing. The study sample was 157 members from two agricultural cooperatives. Data was collected by using Questionnaire Descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, and mean) were used to analyze collected data. The study results showed that, on average, the cooperatives members had 3 plots of land, occupied land in total of 8 rais, and planted mostly vegetables. Regarding their financial situation, the study results showed that majority of the cooperative members were earning more than 25,000 baht a month, while having monthly household expenses less than 10,000 baht a month, which mostly was spent on agricultural cultivation. Then the rest was spent on unrelated agricultural expenses, which were mostly food and drink. Most of the members were members of a Village Fund and Saving group, while not joining any social group. Most of the members were in debt to village funds and had no saving. The major obstacle to agricultural success were lacking of water source. In summary, the cooperatives members had different financial situations and group enrollment, influenced by various factors such as their land utilization, height of their lands, and roles of their cooperatives. The findings from this study will be helpful for any agents involving in the operation of the two cooperatives, and will result in more effective support for the cooperative members in agricultural production development, marketing, and accounting.


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