The Special Needs Children in Three Southern Border Provinces: The Taking Care under the Educational System and the Phenomenon of Caregiver Beliefs with Special Needs Children

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จันจลี ถนอมลิขิตวงศ์


This is a documentary study. The purpose is to expose children with special needs under the educational system. The phenomenon of becoming a child with special needs and caregiver beliefs in the care of children with special needs in the three southern border provinces. Complete the study by accessing two parts: documentary and direct experience in the caregivers of children with special needs. Through the process of counseling and caregiver life experiences. Teachers and people involved Including  interviewers using questionnaires. To get another part of the data to join the document. Analyze data through reflection through life experiences of caregivers and those with special needs children .The research found that. The factors of taking care for the special need children in the three southernmost provinces The first dimension, the  families in urban communities the family members have been studying in good level as know the principle of the taking care the special need children  must be able to be properly. The second dimension, the family who has a good position and good basic knowledge with the poverty and uneducated family. Both families are the different perspectives idea of ​​taking care for the special need children but the same taking care of special needs children are not to conceal the social dimension outside. The third dimension, the families with the knowledge and able to taking care for special need children by themselves. They are know the principles of child care, but poverty families, unable to send their children to school or to treatment at the hospital. The fourth dimension, the family still has believed to the matter and divine of creator in taking care for special need children as a personal faith, they will taking  care for special needs children at home and raise peacefully with unworried , there is hope that by the time their child will be get well and normal ,when the God wish.


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