Factors Affecting the Use of Ibnu Affan Islamic Cooperative Service in the AmphurMuang, Pattani

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สุไฮณีย์ แวยูนุ ศรีสุพร ปิยรัตนวงศ์


This research aimed to study the factors that affected the use of service  Ibnu Affan Islamic Cooperative in the Amphur Muang,Pattani. This study word qualitative research by collecting data from relevant documents and in-depht interviews.  As for the interview session, six primary data providers were directors and staff members of the cooperative whereas ten secondary data providers were its customers. Non-participant observation was used as the method and the data were categorized, interpreted, summarized and presented in forms of descriptive analysis. The result of the study revealed that Ibnu Affan Islamic Cooperative was the financial institute operated under Islamic rules and regulations which were in compliance with Shari’ah laws stated in Quran and Sunnah. There were five predominant factors that affected the use of Ibnu Affan Islamic Cooperative in the service Amphur Muang Pattani, namely; 1) the work efficiency, good personality, and dress according to Islamic regulation of the staff members; 3) the over 24-years long of reputation and stability that customers found it reliable and trustworthy. 4) the sophisticated information technology that customers found it fast and convenient;and 5) the location that customers found it convenient and easy to access.


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