A Development of MICE Industry potentially in Songkhla Province, Thailand

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สาลินี ทิพย์เพ็ง เสรี วงษ์มณฑา ชุษณะ เตชคณา ชวลีย์ ณ ถลาง


The purposes of this research were to explore the potential of MICE industry in Songkhla province, to analyze the potential of MICE industry in Songkhla province and to suggest for a development of MICE Industry potentially in Songkhla province. The data were collected by in - depth interviewing from the supply side and the demand side. The data were analyzed by content analysis and checked by triangulation design model. The findings reveal that 1) Songkhla province is a high potential of MICE industry in the lower southern of Thailand, but there is a risk of termination and security. 2) Songkhla has the potential of MICE industry, which the infrastructure and facilities are well equipped, but to be develop to international standards. 3) The 6 aspects of development Guidelines for MICE industry potentiallly in Songkhla : transportation, facilities according to international standards, a rigorous security system, encourage meetings of government in Songkhla, making a travel calendar in MICE format, and MICE training.


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