Diversity of Benthos and Total Organic Matter in Pattani Bay

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โรสลีนา อนันตนุกูลวงศ์ ไมมูน อินตัน นูรอัยนี ดาโอ๊ะ ไซนับ ดอเลาะ


The objectives of this study were to studied benthos biodiversity and total organic matter in Pattani Bay. The study area had been divided into 7 stations. respectively. Station 6 had significantly higher (P < 0.05) density of benthos as 195.03 ± 156.52 individual/ m2 than other stations. Station 4 had the highest diversity index as 0.76 ± 0.58 and signifi cantly greater (P < 0.5) diversity index of benthos than station 6 and7. The study reflected that the water quality in Pattani Bay were within the Thailand National Water Quality Classification for coastal purposes.


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