Buddhist integrated Ways for Solving Thai Political Conflicts at Present

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Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan


This dissertation article entitled ‘Buddhist Integrated ways for  Solving Thai Political Conflicts at Present’, has three objectives: 1) to study problem situations of Thai political conflict at the present time, 2) to study concepts and theories in solving the conflict through peaceful methods, Buddhist methods and King Rama the ninth’s words, and 3) to propose the Buddhist methods in solving Thai political conflict at the present time. In this research, while experimenting ‘The Integrated Buddhist Method’ in the research field, documentaries, focus group discussion and interview of mass leaders who were in both opposite sides, different political parties, media reporters, experts in areas of peace studies including Buddhist monks who were leaders of thought in Thai society were used. The research findings were clearly found that the solution of the mentioned political conflict can be effectively made through Thai two fundamental costs, Buddhism and King Rama the ninth’s wisdom by means of sufficiency economy philosophy based on Buddhist philosophy; the democratic value can be considerably connected to moral bases and Thainess side by side with King Rama the ninth’s words on ‘the community democracy is the ground of the country democracy’. By virtue of these processes Thai political conflict could be completely solved.


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