The Innovation of Thai Puppet Performance “PRANEMIRAJ”

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Nivet Waevsamana


The innovative dance art research project called "The Innovation of Thai puppet performance ‘PRANEMIRAJ’” aims to create an innovation of Thai puppet performance that can convey both entertainment and moral content, which can serve as practical guides to everyone, to the audience through the Jataka story of “Pranemiraj.” The development of this creative project was done together with the conservation of traditional Thai puppet performance to make it more contemporary and useful for educational institutes and anyone who are interested to create their own puppet performance easier and less expensive. This project also aims to expand the children and youth audience base. The experiment led to the findings of new way of puppet making and theater making from easy-to-find, easy-to-make, easy-to-move, and inexpensive materials. The puppet movements could mimic human movements more closely. The performance were then shown to the target audience in several areas. The audience enjoyed and understood the content, which could be used in their own life. The music was found to be pleasant and easier to understand. The audience also found the innovative background sets and the puppets to be attractive and unique, and could be made easily and inexpensively. In conclusion, this is a new style of Thai puppet performance in the entertainment business and a new product in the Thai dance art circle.


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