Megaprojects Management of Pattaya City, Special Administrative Region

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This research aimed to study the authorities of Pattaya City in term of megaprojects management: Case study of Pattaya-Klang Underpass Project and Pattaya’s Beach Landscape Improvement which have been conducted during the year of the decommissioning of Pattaya City Deputy Mayor, and appointed a new Pattaya City Mayor by virtue by Section 44 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.  This research is a qualitative. Data were analyzed using documents research and semi-structured interviews of key informants.

The research was found that the authorities of Pattaya City to manage megaprojects have crux due to local government structure was unclear. Pattaya City’s public services had limited authorities and incompatibilities. Both megaprojects were researched and found that the budget from the government was unstable since they were the projects that requires specialized skills in order to implement the projects in accordance with international standards. Therefore, Pattaya City is just responsible for coordination. Nevertheless, Pattaya City is a special local administrative organization as the same as Bangkok but Pattaya City has only the same authorities as the municipality as a typical local government organization which cannot manage local administration independently. Moreover, for the megaprojects management in Pattaya City, there are complex procedures according to problems and needs of the public hence potentials of Pattaya City Mayor are required in coordination with the central government. The performance of Pattaya City Mayor in term of effective and efficient decision making, knowledge in economic, social and political development are essential factors to develop Pattaya City.


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