Duties of Reviewers

  1. The reviewer must keep confidential of the submitted paper and avoid revealing a partial or all of the information of the said paper to irrelevant parties during the paper reviewing process.
  2. Perceiving as having a conflict of interest with the paper’s author(s) that may inhibit his/her freedom of expression, the reviewer should notify the editor at once and deny to take part in the reviewing process of the said paper.
  3. The reviewer should evaluate the paper that fits with their area of expertise, by assessing the paper’s contribution to the discipline, quality of analysis, and intensity of literature review related to the topic of study. Advices should also be provided regarding the literature failed to be included by the author(s), and personal judgement without supportive evidence should not be used as a criterion for paper evaluation.
  4. The reviewer must not claim a partial or all of the submitted paper as his/her own.
  5. In case the plagiarism is detected, the reviewer must notify the editor at once.