The Causal Model of Factors Affecting Business Continuity Management for Manufacturing Sector of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand

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Tidabhorn Tongruang Ranee Esichaikul Gallayanee Parkatt Anupap Somboonsavatdee


The purpose of this study was to analyze a causal model of factors affecting business continuity management for manufacturing sector of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The research population was 132 manufacturing companies listed before 2005 B.E. in the Stock Exchange of Thailand no less than 10 years. The research consisted of quantitative and qualitative research. A questionnaire wasused as a data collection tool for quantitative research while in-depth interviews for qualitative research. The results revealed that leadership and organizational competence factors affected business continuity management. Leadership had a positive indirect effect on business continuity management via organizational competence, and organizational competence had a positive direct effect on business continuity management.


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