Factors Influencing Fertility of Thai Women in Modern Society A Case Study: Intentions to Marry of Cohabiting Women

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Metinee Sangkrajang Rukchanok Karcharnubarn


This research was designed to study the marriage intention of Thai women aged between 20-50 years old and focus on the relationship pattern of background factors, economic factors and attitude factors relating to marriage Influential factors on marriage intention were also explored. The data were derived from a study on Nuptiality and Attitudes toward Marriage among Women in Modern Thai Society Phase I (2009-2010) sponsored by Thailand Research Fund (TRF). Target population are Thai women aged between 20-50 years old, working with banks, and private sectors. Systematic sampling method was used to recruit 320 samples of single and cohabitated women. Logistic regression is used to analyze factors relating to marriage intention. The results indicate that age, education, area of residence, age at first cohabitation, duration of cohabitation, area of work, income, attitudes toward gender role and attitudes toward marriage, are related to marriage intention of Thai females in modern society.


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