Report on Natural Environments Circumstance of on Television Station in Thailand

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Supasil Kuljitjuerwong


The study aims particularly at exploring time, frequency, and types of natural environment reports on six channels of free TV in Thailand during January to July 2013. It was found that Thai television reported the said issue in a total of 774 minutes/week (3,096 minutes/month). Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) was ranked the top with the average report of 400 minutes/week, followed by National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (139 minutes/week), Modernine TV (115 minutes/week), Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Channel 5 (53 minutes/week), Thai Television Channel 3 (50 minutes/week), and Bangkok Broadcasting Television Channel 7 (17 minutes/week), respectively. The report format is mostly of documentary, with the type of “general environments”, and presented mostly on Thursday at 4-8 pm and 4-8 am.


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