Perceived Importance of Service Marketing Factors Affecting Customers with Different Characteristics: Case Study of Fresh Coffee Outlets in Gas Stations in Bangkok

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Kitpatiparn Wattanaprajak Patchrapa Intaprot


The purpose of this research aimed to study the consuming behavior of fresh brewed coffee product, and service marketing mix that affects buying decision of fresh coffee product in gas stations among the consumers with varying demographic factors. The study used a survey approach in collecting data. The subjects of study were 420 customers purchasing fresh coffee products in gas stations. Analytical statistics used in this study consisted of descriptive statistics including percentage, mean and standard deviation, and inferential statistics including chi-square, T-test and F-test. The research found that customers mainly accessed to the coffee house in a gas station by their own car generally from 08.00 to 11.00 am for refreshment. The marketing factors affecting their behavior were friendliness, empathy, and good manner. Moreover, clean attire, personality, product’s flavor and taste were considerably important. The least important factor was promotion factors. The result from hypothesis testing showed the mean of distribution channel factor was different between male and female consumers. Significant differences of ages exist with respect to physical environments. Finally, Price, People, Process, and Physical the consumers with environment affected significantly the consumers with different education levels.


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